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Review on last week plus a plan for next week

April 28, 2012

Review on last week

1. Meet Jon (as Alex is not here) to discuss final project, GUI, spectrum analysis

TICK! I met with Jon to have a general discussion about my final project and PP.

2. Experiment with GUI

-Make it more attractive

-Use pictures for knobs, buttons

-Do not use ‘objects’ from Max

TICK! I have posted several blogs on developments with the GUI. It is still a work in progress and further developments will need to be made.

3. Write a draft for -Part One of my technical report.

-Include all measurements

-At least 10 references

-Use detailed floor plans to show locations

-add appendices of pictures of equipment and locations – “technical pictures”.

 TICK! I have posted a first draft introduction and context. I am going to show this to Jon/Alex next week for feedback.

4. Construct a paragraph on each location this will be in a sub-patch of final patch.

-make it appealing and easy to read for tourists and local people

TICK! I have done research and constructed  a simple paragraph of each location. I submitted these paragraphs in a blog


1. Meet with Alex to discuss final project. Show him the


-First draft

2. Continue with the GUI

-Have all four locations complete with paragraphs

3. Talk to Alex about analysing the IRs

-Being to analysis

-Do two churches this week!

4. Continue writing the technical report

-Re-do the Introduction and Context

-Start writing ‘Working Methods and Outcomes’

-Start writing ‘Results’


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