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Feedback from Alex

May 1, 2012

Today I had a meeting with Alex to discuss my progress on the convolution project.

Tasks to do by next week…

1. Find free software to work out the RT60/ EDT from the four impulse responses

2. Create a live input into the max-MSP patch

3. Bring in the Max-MSP patch next week to talk about the interface


I have expanded on these points…

1. Find free software…

Fuzz measure

– Plot a graph on each IR of the RT60

– Compare and identify which IR which – relate to characteristics of each room i.e. Gorsley has a carpet so less RT than the others with stone falls.

– Write a brief report on what the RT60 calculation, sabine etc…

2. Carry on with the GUI

– Make device in real-time so I can get rid of all buttons

-Get Emma, Mike to use it. Easy? what do  I need to change?

– Re-do patch make it simple to use.

-Think of final application .Can IR’s be uploaded by a button?



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