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Review on last week plus a plan for next week

May 5, 2012

Review on last week

1. Meet with Alex to discuss final project. Show him the


-First draft

TICK! I met with Alex, I presented him with my final Max-MSP patch. He told me by next to have 

1. Found free-ware software to work out the RT60

2. Create a live input into Max-MSP

* I did not give him my first draft to read through

2. Continue with the GUI

-Have all four locations complete with paragraphs

TICK! I have continued with the GUI I have now a live input instead of the various buttons for recording etc… I am still writing the paragraphs.

3. Talk to Alex about analysing the IR’s

– Begin to analysis

– Do two churches this week

TICK! Alex told me to find software that calculates the RT. I have found and used Fuzz measure. I have completed analysis on all four churches!

4. Continue writing the technical report

-Re-do the Introduction and Context

-Start writing ‘Working Methods and Outcomes’ and ‘Results’

TICK! I have continued writing the technical report I have re-wrote the introduction, context, scope and objectives, working methods and outcomes and results.



1. Continue with GUI

-Speak to Alex about interface

-Create a detailed report on what every object does, this can be used as part of my technical report.

-finish the paragraph and place them in the patch.

2. Continue writing the technical report

-Get feedback from Alex or Jon

-Do a complete first draft – 3000 words

3. See Alex about RT30 analysis

-work from feedback





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