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Technical Report

The report below shows my first draft and layout of the technical report.

I have wrote the introduction and context review

Technical Report


Contacting the Photographer

Today I spoke to Natalie Hodges finding out when the pictures of Belmont Abbey, St. Mary’s Church and Gorsley Chapel would be ready. She said unfortunatly due to the weather this week she was unable to take them (as the exteriors would have a grey and miserable background).

I have told her I will need them by 12th May.

frequency response etc…

The document below shows the four IR’s frequency response in fuzzmeasure and a look at spectrum analyser in logic.

The Four Impulse Responses

Final Ideas

Final Ideas

Review on last week plus a plan for next week

Review on last week

1. Develop the simple patch from last week

– Be able to choose the IR from a selection, maybe umenu? pictures?

– Think up alternatives for controllers

TICK! This will need to be continued through the next couple weeks. I have put up posts regrading developments in the GUI and will continue to do so.

2. Use acoustmographe to spectral analyse the output of one IR and Input.

-Write a very in-depth report on this.

-include screenshots of the acoustmopgraphe

I have not done this! I have decided that I will be using Logic Pro instead as I am more familiar with the program

3. Continue and persistent with the report on how other companies measure the IR.

-email some other companies

TICK! Unfortunatly despite my persistence I still have not received any other emails. Although I have done research and found a journal that discusses this. I have posted this information up.

4. Continue and finish the report on the chosen sketch.

-Finish this week and put up on the blog

TICK! I have submitted a GUI report however as this is currently still in progress it is not the actual final sketch. I will continue to update as I make developments.


1. Meet Jon (as Alex is not here) to discuss final project, GUI, spectrum analysis

2. Experiment with GUI

-Make it more attractive

-Use pictures for knobs, buttons

-Do not use ‘objects’ from Max

3. Write a draft for -Part One of my technical report.

-Include all measurements

-At least 10 references

-Use detailed floor plans to show locations

-add appendices of pictures of equipment and locations – “technical pictures”.

4. Construct a paragraph on each location this will be in a sub-patch of final patch.

-make it appealing and easy to read for tourists and local people

*******************this is not final project but I need to make time to do these**************************

5. Show Jon my ‘Job Report’

-write another draft for him to see the following week.

-Include General Dynamics, E2L

-Show Jon my website

-get feedback, work from feedback.

Reading Material

This is just a quick update to show what I have been reading in relation to the tasks I have been doing….

1.A Tutorial On Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter

2.The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis

3. Investigation of Factors Influencing Acoustic Characteristics In Geometric Acoustics Based Auralization


Feedback from Alex

Feedback from Alex sent this morning at 11:09

Hi Aly, 

We can chat about all that in Cardiff or we could skype. It looks interesting!
What I suggest for the moment is:
– may generate couple of sketches about the GUI and the interaction (add the sketches to you report)
– ask several people for fb (even from the sketches – prototypes)
– how about asking some graphic designers on the top floor?
– iterate…!
Have you solved the technical problems?
The interactive bit is very good. Make it standalone (Build collective from the file menu)! And make it accessible – 100% user friendly (in that case you can send it to the cathedrals too). Double click the app and pffff**** it works! You can put an icon you can design to your up very easily and this will make it pro.
Use the ubutton to have nice buttons with graphics. I would also hide the obvious MAX MSP graphics (like the slider, the audio on off etc…. use dac~ maybe.)
I think the letters match with you intention. Good.
How did you solve the convolution problem?